More About Me

Here's a little bit more about me... if you care to know.

I am humbled to call myself a Christian because I know that all my faults and failures could never allow me to live up to the term "Christ like." However, I do strive daily to give God the praise and honor for the blessings and meager talents that he has so graciously blessed me with.

I married my high school sweetheart on a beautiful, perfect day in July 2011. We were engaged on his birthday back in December of 2010. Our engagement was undoubtedly the sweetest and most unexpected moment of my life.

I originally planned to be a meteorologist upon graduating high school, but I didn't want to move so far away from home for college. So, I stayed here and became determined to teach middle school English or history. Well, I got my wish - sorta. I am a middle school Literature teacher, and I couldn't imagine teaching anything else! I've always loved books so my job is awesome. I especially love it when my students ASK to read more in class! Sometimes I even catch them in the library checking out other books by the author we're covering - like Poe. They lovvvve Poe. :)

I am scatter-brained, slightly disorganized (working on this!), and sometimes a little random. I love little crafty DIY projects, but I seriously have no time for them except for during summer break! You know teachers love their summer break..and snow days!

Maybe now you better understand the craziness that makes up my happy, little life. :)



  1. Cute blog! Thanks for visiting & commenting on mine! I absolutely love your background. I love to connect with other teacher/blogger/crafter chicks like me!!


  2. Your blog is adorable - as a brand new middle school literature teacher, I'm definitely going to be following you. Hopefully I can get some good ideas! :)