A Few of my Favorites...

I'm listing some of my favorite things because I love reading about everyone else's favorite things. The way I see it, if someone takes the time to recommend a product, band, restaurant, etc., then it must be worth trying eventually!

Blog to visit: Well, it's a tie! Chris Bailey @ kyweathercenter.com AND The Pioneer Woman @ thepioneerwoman.com... I check both of these daily. :)

Restaurant: Oh, this is an easy one. Jim n' Nick's Barbecue - Birmingham, AL

Movie: Steel Magnolia's or anything with Madea (Tyler Perry)

Time of year: This is also a toss up! I love the coolness of Autumn, but I think watching snow fall is one of my favorite things in life, period.

TV Shows: Sell this House!, Jeopardy, and of course the local news. :)

Favorite Products in my makeup bag: Bare Minerals "Prime Time" facial primer, Bare Minerals "Well Rested", Avon eyeglimmer, Bare Minerals eyeshadow brushes, CG Lash Blast, C.O. Bigelow Rose Balm, annnd Merle Norman Total Finish foundation.

Band/Singer: The Steeldrivers refer to this post and of course, who doesn't love Adele?

Favorite thing about my job: Getting to act crazy with the kids while introducing them to the wonderful world of reading! I want them to appreciate the fact that reading can take them to all kinds of places without ever leaving their chairs.

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