Saturday, April 14, 2012

Leibster Award!!!

Um, how cool is this?? The lovely Michelle from My Book of Love blog has nominated me for the Liebster Blog award! A neat thing about the award is that it requires the nominees to share 5 random facts about themselves! So here goes:

1. I still dress up for Halloween. In fact, this past year I was Cruella DeVil! :)
Nearly the whole costume came from Goodwill. hehe

2. I was a cheerleader all throughout middle school and high school. Now, I am a middle school cheer coach. :)
         That's me. Third one from the LEFT on the front row.

3. On my senior trip to NYC, I was on the Today show for .43263 seconds!  lol
4. In December of 2010, I came down with the strangest sickness called "the fifth disease." It's a an illness that only kids are supposed to get. Well, I was a sheltered child so I never caught it. But lo and behold, I caught it during my first year of teaching! In adults, the symptoms are much worse and even dangerous. For over two weeks I couldn't eat, walk, or even turn my neck. By Christmas, I was weak but trying to function normally. My family went to Dollywood for the Christmas celebration, and I had to ride a scooter!! Bahaha. Total learning experience.

5. I was a bridesmaid in four weddings during a span of 2 years.  :)

The Liebster Award
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Here are my nominations:
Mireya @ Pearls and Such


  1. Yay! Thank you!! I haven't been awarded this one yet! Thanks girl!

  2. I loved reading these! :) It's crazy what happens to your immune system during your first year teaching.

  3. thanks for nominating me lady! LOVE getting to know more about yoU!!