Saturday, March 31, 2012

What I'm Excited About! (7.0)

The weekend is here! Get excited! :)

I have lots of things going on today and finally sat down for a small break (and to blog, of course)! Here's a few things that I'm most excited about:

1. Spring/Summer clothes and shoes are finally in my closet! Winter clothes are stored away in space bags and crammed in various other places. I had no idea I had so many shoes/clothes! I am totally blessed. My closet has been a work in progress for the last two weeks, and I'm excited to be finished.

2. I am starting two novels with my students this upcoming week! The Giver with my 8th graders and either Out of the Dust or Lyddie with 7th grade. I'm still torn between the last two, and I will have to re-read them quickly tonight and tomorrow before I thoroughly decide. Either way, novels are my favorite! I can pull out SOOO many skills. Plus, it's TCAP review time, so it's going work out great!

3. The yard is coming along! I know I keep mentioning it, but I am going back out to finish it as soon as I click publish on this post!

4. I am excited that tomorrow is April Fools Day! Why? Because I can't think of a day I hate worse than April Fools Day, escpecially when it falls on a school day! The kids are constantly pranking each other (and teachers!) so it's just annoying. That's why I'm excited it falls on a weekend! :)

So what are you excited about? :)

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  1. TOTALLY agree with you on #4. Thank goodness I got through the day today without getting pranked. :)