Saturday, March 3, 2012

What I'm Excited About! (3)

It's Saturday and time for me to share some things that I am excited about!

1. Today consists of housewife duties - which is something I can't believe I am actually excited about. But while the husband is working, I get to cook, clean, organize, read, and REST. lol As a teacher, all of those things are rarities. What am I reading?

2. Next week is another short week! No school Tuesday for election day! I do have a dentist appointment that day, though. Yuck.

3. Tonight is a household shower for my cousin. She and her family bought a new house, and I am so happy for them. And, I love showers. Showers/birthday parties, etc = socialization and finger foods :P

4. I like this top from Kohl's ... a lot! Love the rosy color and the layered look... I'm seeing things in chevron print everywhere! This is cute but teacher-ish, too. lol

Croft and Barrow Chevron Mock-Layer Top

5. It's my birthday this week! I am so blessed to have yet another one.  

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