Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Flashback

The Sunsphere. Bored at a red light. lol

Last night, we went to church with Aaron's dad (and his wife). It was kind of cool going to church in Knoxville, I must say. It's totally different from my normal church experience, seeing that I spend about 10 minutes flying down a country back road on the way to my church, and besides you just can't beat the scenery that I see every Sunday. However, passing UT, the Sun Sphere, Neyland Stadium, and Thompson-Boling Arena on the way to worship was pretty cool too. We are in Knoxville all the time, but it's always cool to switch up the routine a little.

Saturday, Aaron's twin nephews came by with their daddy, of course. They are almost 6 months old and cute as ever!

The only thing better than this weekend??
The fact that Monday is ova and Tuesday is on the way! :)

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