Thursday, March 1, 2012

Throwback Thursday!

Woot woot! I saw this concept once when I was blog snooping and thought it was a cute idea!
So here's my Throwback Thursday:
Please tell me you remember these!
Well, I most certainly do! I remember riding around in my daddy's little Nissan truck and stopping to buy one of these at a convenience store. It would be summer time and the windows would be down with my hair blowing everywhere and the juice from these popsicles would be running down my arm. Such a fun memory! Then they took them away. Of course Minnie was my favorite, but I really liked the flavor of Mickey, too! Do you remember the Mickey Mouse ice cream bars too?

I know I keep mentioning the sunny, spring days, but weather like this totally reminds me of those popsicles and the drives with my dad when I was itty bitty. Yes, I am very sentimental.

And here's a throwback picture for ya:

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