Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tackle it Tuesday!

Yay for productive Tuesdays! While administering the practice state assessment to my homeroom today, I was able to look through the new Literature textbook and actually plan the first 20 weeks of school next year!! Woo hooo! It sounds like I am ahead, but I am actually behind on everything else. LOL

This evening, I cooked some shrimp scampi for my mailman husband. It was awesome.After cleaning up, I began a simple, little DIY project.

Flower Pens! We are having a Spring Dance next week as a fundrasier, so I decided to attempt to make some of these to sell to the kids. All you need is some cute duct tape, artificial flowers, scissors, and some wire cutters. So easy! :)  What do you think?

So, what did you tackle today?


  1. What textbooks are you using? You ARE ahead!! Good for you!

    1. Michelle, we went with the Holt series! It looks awesome so far. :)i