Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tackle it Tuesday!!

Tuesday's almost gone, and I have to say that I am pretty satisfied with the things that I have accomplished today. Semester grades are entered, grading is caught up, and I taught a fun lesson today. I actually had a good time at school! :) Even keeping detention/study hall wasn't so miserable; I was indoors tackling some serious organization and decluttering (even though everyone else was outside enjoying a warm, sunny recess).

But at home? Wowww. Home is a different story. Everything is crazy! The yard is torn apart, there are no towels clean, and the sink is piled with dishes. :( I never ever allow it to get this way, but our church is currently holding a revival, and it takes everything in me to come home and do one or two things, get ready and head back out to church. Then, when I get back home from church, I have planning or grading to do. Whew... I am totally whining, and I apologize. All this rushing is totally worth the wonderful services we've been having. What a blessing it's been!

But, what I'm tackling this Tuesday is a week-long hit and miss yard project. Aaron works on it for a few minutes, then I'll work on it a minute or two. But we ARE getting this done ASAP. Here's what I'm planting!

Hostas! (in a partially shady area)

Knock Out Roses! (in a sunny area)

We also bought a few bags of river pebbles for the area around our holly bushes.

Our yard will be cute - eventually. Can't wait to post pics soon! Right now it's pretty rough, lol. 

Have altogether lovely Tuesday! Go tackle something! 

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