Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Propaganda, Closet Space, and TACKLE IT TUESDAY!

Well, my seventh and eighth graders wrapped up our Propaganda unit today! We had a lot of fun covering this concept. One of the questions on their test dealt with the fact that propaganda appeals to our emotions rather than our minds - which is totally true. I never really realized how true this was until we moved into our cute little house and drastically downsized our closet space. In  my mind, logically thinking, I know without a doubt that I have absolutely no more room  in my closet - for anything. However, when I go shopping and see a sale or a cute mannequin all decked out in the cutest outfit, I just feeeeel like I need whatever it is I'm looking at. My emotions begin to stir, and I run straight to the register. Then, it hits me when I get home.... Uh, just where in the world will I cram this new outfit?

Luckily, today is Tuesday aka TACKLE IT TUESDAY! So what am I tackling?? This closet ordeal.

I am removing all of my winter clothes (heavy sweaters, coats, etc) from my teeny-tiny closet and placing them strategically into SPACE BAGS!!

With the 10-day forecast looking almost like summer, I think it's safe to say I don't need two coats, three jackets, and six hoodies hanging up. Besides, if I do happen to need something wintry, I can just pull the space bags out from under my bed and take out whatever I need.

I am so excited! More space!!

What are YOU tackling today??


  1. oh my gosh, those space bags are the BEST. when the boy and i moved from the midwest to the South, we ONLY drove a tiny car out here- and so we used space bags for all of our clothes, linens, towels- they were life savers!

  2. Aww, that's cool! Yesterday was the first time I had ever used them, and I was pleasantly surprised - especially for something that's As Seen on TV! :)

    Thanks for reading!