Friday, March 23, 2012

High Five for Friday!

TGIF! What a busy week it's been, and I have been so excited about the weekend -  for no reason other than getting to sleep in a little!

So, here's my top five from this week - although I will apologize ahead of time: I have been extremely wrapped up with school and church so this post may not be too thrilling...
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1. Here's the thrilling part: during our church's revival we have seen 4 souls saved! That's a wonderful amount especially because our church isn't huge.

2. Thursday night was our last parent-teacher conference! Thank goodness those are over! Conferences make for such a long day!

3. This past week, the textbook committe for our school system met to select the new Literature textbooks (we'll be stuck with them for the next six years).  This means, all the Lit teachers, like myself, met and voted on which one we liked best. I'm so glad the one I voted for won because IT. IS. AWESOME! Annnd, it will make this little teacher's life soooo much easier!

4. The beginning of the end is near for us teachers! These last several weeks of school are always considered CRUNCH time! Everything begins to get hectic and crazy, but being an 8th grade teacher might be a little worse. We have promotion, prom, trips, state assessment, etc, etc... This really is my favorite time of the school year though because I know summer (AND SPRING BREAK!) is just around the corner!

5. All the healthy food in our fridge! I mentioned in my last post about my husband"s sodium issue.Well, we went shopping for groceries (which is now THE MOST stressful experience ever) we found enough low sodium foods to restock our fridge and pantry. Maybe we'll both get healthy... We have to try really hard, and I think it's gonna happen. :)

Sorry for all the cheesy cartoons!!! :)

Have an altogether lovely weekend!


  1. How pretty is your blog? I love love love the layout! Our spring break starts next week. So close I can taste it. Everyone, including myself, is pretty squirrelly with this beautiful weather we've had.

    Happy weekend!

  2. Glad I found your blog! I'm an 8th grade LA teacher. Cheers to us, right?! :)

  3. Oh how cool! Teaching 8th grade is a daily adventure, that's for sure! Thanks for stopping by!! :) :)