Friday, March 9, 2012

High Five for Friday!!

Once again, it's time for High Five for Friday with Lauren at From My Grey Desk! Here is my top five from this week!

5. My church's youth group/choir met this week for singing practice. I just love working with the younger ones and hearing how fast they catch onto songs! Our church is blessed with some amazing kids! HERE is the song we learned.

4. This week was a THREE DAY WEEK thanks to a snow day on Monday and election day on Tuesday! (I know, it probably seems like I never work because I'm always bragging about short weeks!)

3. As of this week, my husband and I are finally free from the tyranny of Verizon Wireless! When we got married, he and I both had a Verizon contract, but when we moved into our cute little house, apparently we moved into a no coverage area. So, we had to step outside to text or call anyone. After about 6 months of this, I was over it. So we dropped the contract with VZW and went with US Cellular! We love the coverage we're getting...andddddd I got this -

2. My Motorola Electrify!!! I adore it. I haven't figured everything out, but so far it is awesome. And, it has a kickstand... what? Totally cool.

1!! My birthday was this week. Yes, I know I've mentioned it a lot, but hey, it only rolls around once a year! My husband (and everyone else) thoroughly spoiled me. My students made it a great day also. But my favorite part about my birthday? MY CAKE! It's a California CheeseCAKE from Gondolier. It's a layer of fruit/icing, then a layer of cheesecake, then white cake, then more cheesecake. It weighs 20 lbs - which is how much weight I will have gained once it's all gone!


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