Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wild Weather on Wednesday!

Did you catch the alliteration in the title? And, can you tell I am a reading teacher?

Well, looks the weather in my area cannot make up its mind! Last week, I was posting about snow, and now we have tornado watches and warnings this evening! That's variety --- especially for a weather lover like me! I suppose a few thunderstorms aren't a high price to pay for these gorgeous spring days we've been having, though.

What's weird: this house we currently rent has been previously *almost* destroyed by a tornado (this was a few years back so we weren't living here yet). All the damage was fixed, and the house was restored back to its original cuteness. We love it here, but the downed trees on the mountainside behind the house are a quick reminder that something like that could totally happen again. But, let's hope not!

Okay, just wanted to stop by and post :)

Now let's go take cover and grade 3,000 papers!

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