Saturday, February 18, 2012

What I'm Excited About... 2!

Okay, I seem to blog about what I am excited about a lot. Usually it's because I am almost always excited about something! Most importantly, I get this urge to blog about this topic on Saturdays. So maybe this needs to become my every Saturday theme? Except now I need a cute, catchy little name! Any suggestions?

Here's what I am excited about:

1. Tomorrow's possiblity of SNOW!! I heart snow. Now, we don't have school Monday due to President's Day already so I am not really thinking we'll get a snow day or anything (there's always hope though!). I am just excited about snow in general. *giggles*

2. Girl Scout Cookies! I had no idea it was that time again until my mother handed me a box of Thin Mints! Ahhh! I love Samoas equally as much.

3. I am going to a wedding today. I love weddings, don't you? So sweet and special!

4. Madea (Tyler Perry)  has announced that she is going back on tour! I've seen a play of hers once before, and I am totally ready to go back! I have never laughed so had in my life!

We weren 't supposed to take this pic, but Aaron just had to try! As soon as he snapped the pic, Madea said, "What dat fool doin' out there takin' a pictsha?" It was kind of cool to get "jumped onto" by was also kinda scary, too!
Acting crazy!

5. I am excited about my husbands new job...because HE is so psyched about it. I'm telling you, he loves it and has talked about it nonstop. I think it's cute that he's a mailman!

Thanks to everyone who stops by my blog! I have had a lot of views lately! Yay! I also got two, count 'em TWO,  followers this week-  so excited! I have no comments yet though! Feel free, people. :)

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