Monday, February 27, 2012

What I learned this weekend...

I'm not sure why I write most of my posts in list form, but here goes:

1. Never, ever, ever use ever again. I have never ever had such horrible experiences with a company - ever. I hate to sound mean and negative, but man, they are awful. I'm sure their employees are cool people, but their services stink.

2. I've learned that I must update my GPS regularly because I got lost about 4 times in downtown Nashville.

3. While I was driving around aimlessly, I discovered that I am totally and hopelessly dependent on my husband for everything, especially driving. It's sad.

4. I learned that Jim n Nick's cheese biscuits are just as awesome in Nashville as they are in Birmingham.

5. I learned that Walmart's Danskin brand track suit things are the most comfortable little outfits on this planet!  I searched everywhere before we left for a cute sweatsuit type-thing (because I needed to be comfy while I sat in the gym all day Sunday with the cheerios).  Well, after shopping at the fancy sports store for an Under Armour or Nike one, I gave up, went to Walmart and found one even cuter. I felt like I had my pj's on... did I mention that the Danskin stuff is cheap, too? Yay! I'm going to buy like 10 more.

6. I learned, as if I didn't know already, how horrible I am at bowling. I also learned that a few of my little cheerios had never even been bowling, and I am so glad they loved it.

7. I learned that you can't please everyone, and you definitely can't please everyone in a group of 35.

8. I learned that I didn't really like being in charge of a group of 35; the 10 girls I can handle, but not the 25 parents/family members. LOL But, I am honestly glad they all came to support the girls.

9. I've learned that there's no place like home!

10. I've learned that I love being a teacher because when I am this mentally and physically exhausted, I can always just get a sub.

Woo hoo! :)

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  1. hi!!i randomly found your blog- it's so cute- and so are you in your wedding dress!! love this post- i am so dependent on my bf for driving- he can somehow get anywhere without getting lost! anyway, love the blog, just started following now!
    xo, your fellow laura!