Monday, February 6, 2012

Beware: this post is shallow.

Well, I am here to rant. Actually, I don't let my students complain and whine, so I'm going to try not to. :) We'll just call this little "spiel" a comparing and contrasting session since that's the skill we're working on this week. (I'll spare you the Venn Diagram).

If you know me, or even if you don't, you'll learn that I am a product junkie. There. I said it. Anything for my hair, face, and body...I love it. Anyways, I have been a faithful Merle Norman user for, like, ever. It's even what my mother and my grandmother uses. I assume the foundation is not the healthiest choice for the skin because it's thick, but it looks great and lasts all day. <3  I have tried every kind of foundation out there from minerals to liquid and nothing compares.

But something happened - something horrible and saddening. They changed the Total Finish makeup container. *GASP* Now, I know you're thinking a what? Well, the makeup formula seems to be the same; however, the new container doesn't contain half as much makeup as the old container! It's the same price, hello.

It's okay. I can totally deal with the makeup ordeal; I can always go buy more. But the sponge is different too. It has to be! I have never ever had a MN sponge fall apart in my hands before. I've always said I would pay as much for the sponge as I would the makeup, and I meant it. Now I'm just not sure anymore.

So what's my point? Merle Norman, don't fix it if isn't broken. Oh, you know I had to add in a cliche. :)

The Awesomeness Before                         The Unimpressive After             

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