Friday, January 6, 2012

Oh, I knew that!!

As a teacher, my students sometimes come up with the craziest questions. Not all of their questions are off the wall; some are actually good! Notice I said some. lol

I teach reading so many of our passages and materials deal with the most random topics! Like today, we read an article about Hokusai the Japanese artist! Imagine the questions (and stares) I received when they found out he changed his name over thirty times and painted a door using a rooster?

But anyways, sometimes there are those questions that make me *face palm* and say, "I totally used to know that! Why can't I remember this?" So, if I can't answer a question, we always google it as a class. Someone say teachable moment!?! :)

Anyway, while browsing Amazon for free Kindle ebooks I find this treasure....

This book has everything you learned in school but forgot. Really, everything  that is remotely important to all subject areas can be found here! It's well organized, consise, but it's also thorough too - especially the language and history sections! I perused it and instantly felt smart (and OLD because I had forgotten most of this stuff!). lol

Remember: You're never too old (or too busy) to keep learning!   

Bring on the wacky questions, kids! I am prepared!
Well, maybe....

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