Thursday, January 5, 2012

Love, Love, Love

       Just want to express my affection for this hair product. I mentioned in my first post about my obsessions with weather, hair/makeup, and history. Well, I knew it wouldn't be very long before I posted about a hair product. So, while getting ready this morning, I realized just how much I love this stuff.
 Osis "Dust It" by: Schwarzkopf

If you want volumnuous hair, or if you want to skip a wash, use this. I always shampoo everyday, but sometimes if I want to wear my hair up and need extra oomph this works wonders. It is a mattifier so it absorbs oil, but a lot of people freak out over the way it makes their hair feel.

The motto I live by: The Higher the Hair the Closer to Heaven...and if a head full of product is the price to pay for pretty hair, then so be it. :)

Try it!

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