Monday, January 2, 2012

First Snow!!

For anyone who might stumble across this blog, I feel that I must share my joy about the FIRST SNOW DAY of the school year! Teachers love snow more than kids, and that is a fact.

Although I am a teacher, I must confess my true reasoning behind my snow day excitement. Weather, mostly snow and storms, intrigues me to no end, and anyone who knows me understands that my life-long goal was to be a meteorologist. Geeky, I know. (I also love all things historic and cosmetic, but that's another post in itself.)

Annnnd, that's Aaron, my husband. He just rolls his eyes as I tip-toe to the window to watch it snow, and sometimes in public he pretends he doesn't know me - like last night at Outback when I performed a Snow Dance at the table. Obviously it worked because we were nearly stranded on I-75 as we came home! :) Brrrr!

*I must add that we received yet another snow day for tomorrow. This means we've been off for over three weeks. I think I've forgotten how to teach! lol*

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